Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The unveiling

When I woke up this morning I knew I had to write. It's been a little bit since I've posted my thoughts. I have so many swirling around in my head. I have to get them out. I'm almost positive once I get these thoughts out, the writing will make no sense to anyone else who happens to read it. Actually, that's OK. I'm the one who needs the release from my incessant and cacophonous mind chatter.

I wanted to share about the beautiful unveiling of the masterpiece sculpture that Chad Glashoff created for Crime Victims Rights Week. This is truly a monument created in love to honor all victims of crime. We are forever grateful to Chad Glashoff for his mind, his hands but mostly for his heart.

Raymond talked with Chad about his own vision that was birthed in 2011. Raymond wanted to have something of significance created in Matt's honor using the unwanted guns that were collected from the 3 successful gun buy back events that The Matt Garcia Foundation hosted.

Our friend Liz Saucedo, who is another amazing artist, created some amazing metal pieces from the guns, for us to auction off at our different events. Thank you Liz <3 We are truly blessed with the many talented and loving people that we have in our lives.

The unveiling of the Bell of Peace & Purpose for National Crime Victims' Rights Week occurred on Tuesday April 4th @ the Matt Garcia Career & College Academy. This event was planned to honor all victims of crime.

The occasion was to honor crime victims and their families as they trudge through the devastation and horror of losing a loved one to crime, or of being a crime victim themselves. The nightmares, the court proceedings, the depression and anxiety are just a few of the commonalities that WE share as victims or victims family members.

My heart aches for every mother, father, sister, brother and loved one who has to walk this often lonely journey. The unanswered questions? The never ending play by play that goes on in our heads more often than I like to admit. The constant daydreams of what could of been and the nightmares of those final moments.

As all of this is ever present in my mind and my heart. I was in shock to learn that some people were offended that their names were not mentioned during this somber event for National Crimes Victims' Rights Week. Really? Had I misunderstood the meaning of this event? Apparently, I had!

This "unveiling of some egos" was a kick in the gut to us. We are not malicious nor do we intentionally go out to hurt or harm ANYONE! My heart aches once again.

My first thought is almost always wrong. I'm so grateful that I did not act on it! My next thought was that we need to appoligize for overlooking some of our leaders. We are grateful for your service. Thank you so much! Now, I must say it... This wasn't about YOU!

I will continue to try and do the right thing for the right reason. We will mess up at times. We are human. But, we will not give up on helping victims of crime and their families.

Thank you to ALL of you who helped in honoring National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 2-8 2017 God, please clear our minds and heal our hearts. Guide our thoughts feelings and perceptions. Guide us to where you would have us go. Give us the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the words to speak. AMEN

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