Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I spent last weekend in Napa at BottleRock with my best friend, Laura. My daughter, Briana gave us the tickets to the music festival because she couldn’t attend. We had a fabulous weekend!

We loved all the bands we saw and listened to. The food there was scrumptious. I would have to say my favorite part of the weekend, besides hanging out with Laura, was the people we met.

When we arrived Friday evening, we went to the Jam Cellar Stage to hear Macklemore. He was AMAZING! We were jumping and dancing around along with everyone else. The vibe was contagious.

We had some time before Maroon 5 would come on stage. We decided to grab some food and sit down to eat. The festival eating area was filled with picnic tables and umbrellas and of course, numerous food vendors to choose from.

We ordered our grub and found a spot to eat. You have to share your table with strangers; it’s a great way to make new friends, and we did!

A young man and two young women asked if they could sit with us. It was easy to notice they were a little tipsy. The young man’s name was Cody. He was cute and liked to talk.

 Cody wanted to know if we had ever watched the movie, Back to the Future. When we replied, yes, we had watched the movie. He wanted to know what our favorite part of the movie was. I just laughed. He, his new wife, and their friend were so adorable and fun.

He started to tell us about his job as an attorney. He is also an investigator. He showed us a picture with him and Kirk Douglas so I showed him a picture of me with Oprah. He wasn’t impressed. LOL! He knew Oprah since he was small.

He noticed the picture of Matt on the t-shirt I was wearing in the picture with Oprah. I told him he was my son. He was murdered in 2008. Cody remembered the case. He began to weep. My heart broke open even more. I think it was because Cody was so kind and loving with his words to me.

We sat with Cody, his wife, and their friend for about 45 minutes, talking, laughing and even crying. He promised me that if I sent him a message and reminded him that we met at BottleRock on Friday evening he would remember us, even though he was a little drunk, he would remember. LOL! I am going to send him an email today.

On Saturday, Laura and I hung out in the Sutter Wellness Center for a couple of hours. The place had several booths inside offering makeovers, B12 injections, oxygen, face painting, massages. You name it; they had it.

The best part about this wellness center was the air conditioning and the comfy couches. We found our spot! Our legs were so tired from walking and standing for hours that this place was exactly what we needed. 

It seemed that EVERYONE had our same idea. The place was packed.
 It took a while but we were able to grab two spots on different couches. Laura was seated next to two younger men.

I was on the next couch with this older guy that asked if my iced coffee had alcohol in it. Uh…NO, it doesn’t! Thank you very much. That encounter was hella awkward because he was touching my back while he asked me about my drink. Eww! I moved to the very edge of the couch right before his girlfriend/wife came over to get him. Thank you, GOD.

Anyway, back to Laura and her new friends. She started talking with the young man next to her. Before I knew it they were laughing and he was showing her pictures of his nephew who was just born the day before. It was so beautiful to watch the conversation between these two strangers. Then we all left to the stage for Tom Petty.

I took a picture of them and posted it on Facebook. Later that night at home, Laura’s nephew Daniel had written a comment under the picture I had posted. He informed his Aunt Laura that she was sitting with his two friends. Wow, what a small world.

Day # 3 We arrived at BottleRock around noon on Sunday. I really wanted to see and hear Judah and the Lion. They would be playing at 2:00 PM. We decided to grab food and eat before the show. 

Again, we found a picnic bench occupied by a couple of people our age. We sat and talked with them.
They were a longtime married couple, there with their grown daughter to see the Foo Fighters later that night. He was retired military. We talked about the different military bases.  I shared that I was born at Travis Air Force Base. His wife was born on the base in Alameda. We laughed about the weed that was being smoked around us the entire weekend. It was another beautiful conversation had by strangers who quickly became friends.

My life is full of love. I thank God every day for giving me the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the words to speak. Thank you God, for guiding my thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Amen

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