Thursday, August 11, 2011

WOW is the only word I can think of

I had a phone call at 7:00AM this morning from a court reporter, who was supposed to have the transcript from the murder trial of Henry Don Williams, (the murderer of my only son Matt) ready for me to pick up at 8:30AM in Vallejo. She called to tell me that the transcript was not ready STILL.

 Let me just share my encounters with this entire situation. God please clear my mind and Heal my heart!

I first asked for the transcripts from both trials back in Jan. I received the transcript of the Gene Allen Combs trial, last March. The cost for that transcript was $322.98. Remember,  Gene Allen Combs trial was actually AFTER Henry Don Williams trial. I have several saved voice messages since Jan. from the court reporter for the Henry Don Williams transcript.With the reasons why she was not able to have the transcript ready. Finally, in June she called with the estimate of $677.60 for the transcript. I informed her that I absolutely wanted them please print them for me. She assured me that they would be printed. Another phone call later, she said she would not print them until I handed her a check for $677.60. I have left her  2 messages that I have the check and would like to come to Vallejo to pick up the trial transcript from the murder of my son. No return call. I was so frustrated that I called the D.A. and asked him to find out what is going on? This is the second time I have spoken to the DA about these transcripts and this particular court reporter. He called me yesterday and said that he spoke to her and that the transcripts are ready. I then called the court reporter and she answered this time! She then proceeded to tell me that her portion of the transcript was still not completed because she ran out of toner.....Wow Really? She said that they would be done this morning by 8:30AM. I woke up early to get ready to go to Vallejo. I had missed a call at 7:00AM this morning. Guess who? YES, The court reporter. The transcript is STILL NOT READY. Why do you think that it has taken almost a year to have THIS particular transcript ready for me? The transcript had to be copied already anyway for the appellate court! From day one, since the murder of Matt, nothing has looked right!
God, fill me with peace and understanding.