Friday, March 9, 2012

Email to a Friend

Good morning,

Thank you for the prayers for myself and for the people with whom I was meeting. The meeting went well. I met with Deborah Bain, Deputy Attorney General, Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, and Yvette Lecuina from the Department of Justice, Crime Victims Services. We were able to get much accomplished. I will be contacting Chris Ward, Director of ICAN and Victim Action Alliance to discuss how she set up her program to train volunteers in assisting victims.

 We had 2 more murders 2 days ago. One shooting victim was 18 years old the other 24. This brings the total number of murders in Fairfield to four, just in the past 10 weeks. All four victims were between the ages of 18 and 26 years of age.  HORRIFYING!  I am appalled by the killings, and by the fact that not one of these murders have any suspects in custody. My heart is breaking for the family members who will get limited support from our local government because of "budget cuts"! This is so very sad and frankly, I am pissed off! I get it, though. WE have to stand up for EACH Other and help spread love and light. I feel empowered to help victims and their family members have their voices heard.

 If you would join me in praying for these mothers who just lost their son's. God, clear their minds and heal their hearts. Pray for our city and every other city, our country, and every other country. Heal the hearts and minds of the lost and confused. God, help us to realize that we must love one another to know real peace. We pray that there will come a time where there will be NO NEED for Crime Victim Advocates! Thank you, Amen

With love,


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My chattering mind

I reposted a video on my facebook this morning. It was a video that I first watched, last night, before going to sleep. It was an extremely moving and troubling video of the atrocities happening to children in Uganda.
I know that these horrible acts, that are being done to our children are happening in many places, Even Here! My reasoning for posting the video was NOT to support this one particular group called, invisible children.
My intent was to bring awareness to these horrible CRIMES that are happening to OUR children.
I know how easy it is to say, Let's take care of our own first!
But, Do WE?
 Sure, many of us try. By doing just this.... Posting a video. Placing quotes of hope and love on our social media pages. Volunteering to help wherever we can. These are all things that are absolutely making a difference in many lives.
 So, why is it than, that some people have to make it a negative thing? It is mind boggling to me to hear some people suggest that by the time a child is in the 3rd grade, their attitude and behavior will predict if that child will be in the bottom percentile. That child who grades are not above a C or their behavior is what THEY think it should be, will be the Child that is HIGH RISK.
Question? Are the people talking all of this negativity, volunteering to help mentor a child?
To the person/people who says: "all the homeless are drug addicts" Are you ensuring that our children don't become homeless drug addicts? Are you  uplifting these kids with positive messages and being a positive role model?
If world hunger disturbs you, when it is brought to the light. Do you give $5.00 a month to help feed a child?
Our words and actions are so powerful! We are here for a reason! I know this more now than I ever have. I'm sure that Matt's death has opened up a space in me, that was always there, but was semi closed off and in denial. I'm clear NOW! Each one of us can and do make a difference, if we choose to. I am so grateful to be filled with a passion of solutions not just the problems. God has given each one of us that passion.
God, thank you for clearing my mind and healing my heart.