Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good Sunday morning!

It has been a while since my last posting. Our youngest daughter was hospitalized for several days. She is out now and doing much better. She had a terrible infection. Being at the hospital with another one of my children was scary, to say the least. I felt grateful that she could communicate with us, unlike Matthew. I was constantly praying for God to remove all the negative thoughts that continued to try and barge their way into me. It WORKED! Thanks God.

Along with the uncertainty of our daughters illness, we also had to deal with the knowledge of people coming out of the woodwork trying to claim the $50,000 reward money ( from our city) for information leading to the murder of our son, Matt.
One of the many people vying for the reward money, actually called me. He wanted to assure me that he was a friend of Matt's and he was very deserving of the money. Oh and also that his family could really use the money since they just recently lost their house. I hung up on him. Yeah, I lost my only son to violence....I really don't care about your house dude! Oh and by the way, he never testified at the trial, He said he feared for his life and his family lives. Although, he didn't seem to have any problem filling out a application for reward money. His name will be made public!

Just some things that make me go....huh?

Aside from all of that garbage, which in the big scheme of things, doesn't really mean much of anything, we feel so blessed to have our youngest daughter home and getting well. Our oldest daughter is doing fantastic.  We know that God has a plan. We believe that we are here for a reason!  We will continue to allow God to guide us and give us the words to speak, the eyes to see, and the ears to hear whatever HE would have for us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GOD, give me Clarity and Wisdom

I am sitting here at the computer once again. I have looked up the inmate address for Gene Allen Combs. I feel the need to write to him. I want to know what else he wanted to tell me before he was sent to prison? The one and only letter that I received from him was from Oct. 5, 2010, the day after he was sentenced to 15 years to life for his role in my only son's murder. He had a lot to say about what really happened on the night of Sept. 1, 2008. I want to hear what he has to say face to face.

 I am so very grateful to everyone in my life today. Our family is so fortunate to have the community of love and support that we have. I wish that all of the love and support could heal my heart. 
Things just continue to pop up and I continue to ask GOD, "What do you want me to do with this"? 

A couple weeks ago I was informed that some of the reward money (from Matt's murder) would be given to several individuals. I had never heard this before? I asked WHO would be given the money? There are 2 people that I absolutely believe should be given the reward money. Then there are a few that I can not believe were even considered to be given ANY reward money! This nightmare never ends. The irony of this reward money situation is, Some criminals will be rewarded with cash for their help...(even though 1 of them was supposed to testify in the trials, but decided not to). and I have to pay the County over $1000 to have copies of the transcripts from both trials of the men who killed my only son. WOW, Really?  So, I will continue to voice my outrage at a system that allowed the driver of the car of murderers, to go free with ZERO consequences for her role in my son's murder. I will continue to voice my outrage at a system that allows the victims families to be victimized over and over again to protect the rights of murderers and criminals...and even reward.
 God, help us all.