Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Sunday

I received a email this morning from my cousin Victoria who lives in Ohio. Our Uncle Joe passed away last night.
The email instantly sent a load of memories to my mind. I will always remember Uncle Joe as a kind but stern man. He was hilarious. He reminded me of Fred Flintstone! LOL.
 He had helped me get out of a situation during a dark time of my life.
 I will always cherish that memory.
I called my mom to let her know. She now has only 1 sibling left, out of 10, Her oldest brother, Uncle Mart.
 I love you mom, and I'm so sorry.
It is so difficult to grasp the finality of death. I don't believe I will ever be able to process that idea!
In my opinion, we don't die.
 I feel Matt around me constantly. I believe, that I have let him go.
But, does that mean that when I smell his cologne or feel his presence...that I am allowing my mind to play tricks on me? NO, I believe that when we die, our bodies leavebut our spirits are all around us.
If I remain Open to God and to the flow of life. I GET to feel and see things. I am truly Blessed. I thank God each and everyday for the AWESOME gifts that HE continues to give me.
I will continue to pray for an open and clear mind and a healed heart. I will ask GOD daily to give me the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the heart to feel. Guide me to where YOU would have me go. Place me in the situations that You would have me in. And, give me the words that You would have me speak. God Bless each and everyone of us on this day and everyday.
 Remind us of who WE are! Allowing our light to shine.