Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

My God is good, He understands. He's always here to hold my hand.
He has shown me things, I can't explain.
Today I can feel love, instead of pain.
My life has changed in every way, all because I've learned to pray.
My eyes are open now; I am ready to do Your will.
Continue to give me the strength to keep walking up this hill.
Sometimes my mind gets cluttered with thoughts of the negative.
But there you are again, to remind me how to live.
Love is the answer, there is No other.
I know this now, so thank you for making me a mother.
I want my children to know, that they mean everything to me.
Remembering that God is the only answer to being free.
There is always more to learn. I try and write down everything that I can.
All my thoughts, my feelings, which help me understand, that the dramas, and pains in my life, are all part of the plan.
God didn't cause the devastation, although, it's up to me, to go to Him for salvation.
This life is a series of lessons. God help me make them into blessings.
I thank you God for pulling me out of the gutter. I get it now, all of us, do matter.
I will keep walking with my head held high. Knowing the truth.... We never really die.
God put us all here for a reason. Let us step up to the plate, this is OUR season.

Love and blessings to you all,