Sunday, June 3, 2012

Her word was Perseverance!

I just returned home from an awesome meeting. The woman who spoke is amazing! I have so much respect and admiration for her. She spoke about perseverance. I related to a lot of her story. We share some similarities. One glaring similarity is that we are both mothers of murdered sons. We both continue to persevere. 

I believe that my journey is one of love, forgiveness and healing. I also believe that God places each person in my life at exactly the right time. I cannot help but to feel loved and blessed in this moment.

This past week our youngest child turned 19. She is amazing!  Both of our daughters have also persevered. They have done it with love and grace. I have watched these amazing young women rise up and walk in the light. I am beyond proud. I am humbled, by the fact that God entrusted us with our three amazing children. God continues to move us on this path.

 I feel a strong shift. As though we are all being guided to lift up our young people and to help them realize their role in this world. I feel led to empower our young women. To help those who have not learned yet how to help themselves. To help the women who do not know their own worth and value. To reach out and grab the sea of abundance that is waiting for us. We are the healers and the caretakers. We are the protectors of the babies. It is in our nature to take care of the children. To make sure that they eat and that they are nurtured and loved. 

It may have seemed as though we were caught up and forgot all of this. The time is now! We have been reminded! We can no longer pretend to NOT see that our children are hurting and need us to comfort them. To feed them. To remind them of whom they are. When we take care of our children, ALL OF THEM, our world will then be what we have hoped for it to be. The violence will be less. Our hearts will be open. Our minds will be clear. We have all persevered and now let us do this!
 I am ready, are you?

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