Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glimpses of things to come

It's already been a week since we had our 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo event. I can't even believe this was our 4th!!!!What that says to me, is that Matt has been gone, from our physical presence, for almost 4 years. I still can not wrap my head around this nightmare.
  I am so grateful for the people, places, and things in my life today. I'm grateful for the opportunities that we are able to bring to others.
 I was thinking about what Matt's death has done to me? I could not put any of  it into words. At that point, I changed my question to, What has Matt's LIFE given to me?
Wow, just changing the question has given me a new perspective and unbelievable HOPE of good things to come. Matt's life has given me a undeniable sense of  accomplishment. His life was filled with Hope and Promise. He loved to help people, All People!
 His mission was to love unconditionally. He did that so well. His life has filled me with a sense of purpose and perseverance. I know that ANYTHING is possible!
God, blessed me with the awesome opportunity to raise 3 amazing children. I am eternally grateful for this gift. I am learning, each day, and in every moment, to make the best out of EVERYTHING! I am learning to change the questions that I ask myself! Thank you God and Thank you Matt!

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