Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just keep moving!

I am about ready to go to sleep. This past week has been a bit hectic. Work has been crazy busy. I received a certified letter last Wednesday. It was from the prison where one of Matt's murderers is incarcerated. I put the letter in my purse and said to myself, "I will deal with this later". Well, later came yesterday.
 My daughter came home from work, she said that she needed to tell me something. I thought, OMG! What? She said that a girl who works with her, is the daughter of the woman who married, Henry Don Williams (Matt's Killer) AFTER he was incarcerated. This woman, who married Henry Don Williams, was there during the trial and even tried to sit in the same row with us! Maybe this is OK to some?  But, it was totally unacceptable to me.I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, Get the hell away from us!!!!!!!
 I know that the young girl, is NOT her mother. It's just so bizarre to me. Our family is constantly confronted with either, the Killers themselves, like Nicole Stewart, on 2 separate occasions. Or their family members. Sometimes I do want to move away from Fairfield. But, I can hear Matt saying, Mom come on, you have to stay and do what is right. It's true, this is my home. I was born and raised here, just like Matt and our 2 daughters. I will try to help make our city a place where people want to stay. This was Matt's hope. It is our hope too.

God, Please Clear my Mind and Heal my Heart

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