Monday, February 4, 2013

Continuous life changers

 I have been on an amazing spiritual journey, since the murder of
Matt, actually even before Matt's death. 

 I have been slowly moving
into the forgiveness phase of my own personal journey. Raymond and I
have met with Ryan Estes, the supposed intended target of the bullet
on Sept 1, 2008. He has asked for our forgiveness. Ryan has also
confirmed what I had already known, that Henry Don Williams knew he
was NOT shooting at his friend Ryan Estes. We have forgiven Ryan I
have also had some correspondence with Gene Combs, the one who turned
himself in and id'd the shooter and the driver.

 Since this nightmare began I have been in contact with my favorite
author Marianne Williamson. I have been following her and her work for
over 22 years. She was part of a film in 2007 called "The Power of
Forgiveness". Myself and about 7 of my closest girlfriends went to see
this film in Davis in 2007.

I was working on forgiveness and my anger that I had toward the
murderer, Mack Arthur West, who stabbed my cousin Kathy O'Brien to
death in 1999. He was finally sentenced in 2007 to 15 years to life.
The film began with how the Amish community was so forgiving of the
massacre of six innocent amish children in Oct. 2006

This film also featured Azim Khamisa, who's 20 year old son was shot
and killed by a 14 year old, for a pizza. Azim and the 14 year old
shooters grandfather speak nationally at schools about youth violence
and forgiveness. I have been in contact with Mr. Azim Khamisa recently
due to a series of incredible "coincidences".

I am also working on becoming part of the Restorative Justice program
at San Quentin Prison. There are so many amazing things happening. 

God, continue guide me where you would have me go. Give me the eye's to see and the ear's to hear. clear my Mind and Heal my Heart. 

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